Welcome to the Inter-University Program for Latino Research website.

IUPLR is a national consortium of university-based centers dedicated to the advancement of the Latino intellectual presence in the United States. IUPLR works to expand the pool of Latino scholars and leaders and increase the availability of policy-relevant Latino-focused research. IUPLR headquarters, located at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the IUPLR Washington DC Office, located at the University of California Washington Center, work to strengthen the network of centers and to enhance their institutional capacity.

Since its inception in 1983, our consortium has grown from four to twenty-five university based research centers and programs focusing on Latinos. Since then, Latinos became the largest "minority" group in the country and continue to be a critical force in US society contributing to its economy, politics and cultural identity.

2013 marked thirty years of IUPLR's important contributions to the national discussion about the presence of Latinos in American society and about how the position of Latinos could be improved. We have introduced new conceptual paradigms such as transnationalism, the working poor and cultural citizenship and have helped build important data sets on political and civic engagement. We encourage networking among scholars and hold annual conferences, Latino Art Now! and Siglo XXI.

Nena Torres We have created a national organization on higher education and have worked to devise institutional vehicles that help inform the nation about the Latino experience including supporting the development and continuity of Latino USA (a national NPR program), the Smithsonian Latino Center, and the PEW Hispanic Center.

There is still a need to deepen our understanding of the diversity among Latinos, the varied needs of its many communities and their dynamic hemispheric connections. We will continue to do this by facilitating interdisciplinary, multi-institutional and multinational research working groups. We are also committed to sharing this knowledge with advocates and policy makers through our centers and nationally through our Washington DC office. Our newsletters will also include research briefs from participating member institutions as they become available.

For the next five years, the University of Illinois at Chicago will house IUPLR. I invite you to get to know us by browsing through our site, visiting our new Facebook page, e-mailing us at IUPLR-Chicago@uic.edu, or calling us at (312) 413-3892 with any questions or suggestions.


Maria de los Angeles (Nena) Torres, PhD

Executive Director

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