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The Latino population is at a historical moment in U.S. history where our impact is starting to be felt, but our voices are not yet heard and our individual faces not yet seen. At IUPLR, our member centers dedicated to Latino Studies have taken on the responsibility of making sure that the Latino community's historical contributions are being recognized, that our stories are being told in the present time, and that our views shape our shared political history.  With nearly twenty-four member centers across the country, IUPLR is positioned to be a leading coalition ready to take on the challenge of making Latinos visible in the U.S.

Our members participate in cultural programming on their university campuses, perform research on the state of the Latino community past and present, and foster leadership among Latino scholars. We are proud to provide an avenue to showcase the work of students and faculty in topics ranging from the state of Latinos in higher education, to Latino art, to immigration reform. 

UTSA group

Members of the Mexico Center at University of Texas
at San Antonio who are studying the effects on affordable
housing as a result of oil and gas exploration.

IUPLR is headquartered at the University of Illinois at Chicago until 2018 when headquarters will be transitioned to another member center university. Universities in our network include the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University, Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños at Hunter College, CUNY, The Julián Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University, and many more. We are an organization dedicated to sharing our work and our responsibilities for the growth of Latino research and the growth of IUPLR. Our directors are distinguished scholars who take pride in the work they do with their students as well as the work they publish. They often take on multiple roles as scholars, researchers, and advocates who at the end of the day dedicate themselves fully to the Latino community. 

uic opening ceremony

 IUPLR ceremony held to welcome headquarters
to UIC campus.

Join IUPLR and become a part of our growing family of scholars. As a member, you and your center will be the first to be informed on fellowship applications, calls for papers, and many more opportunities for Latino academics and advocates. As a member you will have the ability to share opportunities via IUPLR online platforms including our website, list serves, and Facebook page. As a member of IUPLR, you will be helping to shape a unified voice that will raise the visibility of Latino research centers and allow them to continue their important work in the future. Fill out the Membership Application here and/or contact with further questions regarding membership. 

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