Patricia Acosta

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Artist Statement:
My art is an expression of the impact of being alive. Every living thing around me I feel is god and connected to the universe. Living is so extraordinary and powerful. Many times this awareness is overlooked or not even seen. I want to show and respect this in my art so people see it. I paint the air, precious moments, the look in our eyes, multiple dimensions, all these worlds coexisting at the same time. I feel it is important to have this consciousness in our daily lives. Artist Patricia Acosta was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1973. She received her Degree in Fine Arts from The Academy of Painting “El Castillo de Los Colomos” in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1994. For the next four years she painted in Guadalajara studying in the Ateliers of renown artists Toni Guerra, Ernesto Flores, Javier Baptista and Alejandro Camacho. In 2001, Acosta moved to San Cristóbal de las Casas to paint in the Central Highlands region of Chicapas. In 2002, she moved to Chicago, United States of America. Today, she lives in the vibrant Mexican and Artist neighborhood of Pilsen where she has her studio. Acosta is known for her visionary and organic painting style, fine imaginative details, subjects of social justice, Mexican cultural heritage and higher consciousness. She has shown extensively in Mexico and the United States and is treasured by collectors worldwide.
Relationship to Chicago:
I love Chicago, it has become my new home. I came here from Guadalajara, Mexico, to have an exhibition in 2002 and chose to stay. My work is very well received here and there are many opportunities for me to produce my art. I am involved in numerous artistic communities and have created a wonderful new family of friends and colleagues. Chicago is a really important contemporary city for the arts and I like to be professionally based here. It is a beautiful city and very multicultural which is important for me.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Mexico, USA.
Art Form:
Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture.