Miguel Aguilar

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Artist Statement:
My work is at an intersection of graffiti, studio painting, art education, community organizing and public space. All of these facets inform each other seamlessly and allow me the freedom to investigate my artistic interests from a holistic perspective. Currently, I am focused on painting indoors and outdoors in equal parts. Indoor painting allows me to use graffiti painting materials and expand beyond graffiti vernacular parameters. Conversely, outdoor painting satisfies my obligation to honor graffiti and its history as a social practice.
Relationship to Chicago:
I have lived in the same house, in Pilsen, for 40 years. My observations and interactions with my city directly inform the motivations, themes and moods of my art. Through graffiti, I learned to navigate different areas of Chicago. I’ve come to know diverse communities, ethnicities, living conditions, etc… I’ve also witnessed different cultures synergize into new communities with shared values, lived experiences and concerns. It’s the hybridity, the juxtapositions and the contradictions that become a conceptual foundation for not only my artwork, but my cultural work: community organizing, arts education, place making, and youth advocacy. My relationship with Chicago is one of reciprocal responsibility. I feel responsible for how it operates, and I expect it to operate in the best interest of my well-being.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL
Art Form:
Drawing, Installation, Painting, Social Practice, Urban Art.