Juan Carlos Baez

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Artist Statement:
If there is one factor that defines my work, it is the concept of communication, which is ironic considering that creating art can be such a solitary process. Language, images, stories and symbols weave a thread that can overcome social, cultural, economic, political and religious barriers. It is very important for me not to exclude anyone from this exchange of information, so I employ images that can be identified and recognized by many people. These can be found in the form of pop culture references, spiritual imagery, historical events and folkloric stories. These ideas can then be arranged by the viewer according to their own experiences and then shaped into their own personal narratives, in that way becoming interactive and in turn making them their own. Stylistically, there is an element of fine art and surrealism, combined with touches of illustration, comics and science fiction symbols. These reflect the different elements of communication touched upon and referenced in my work, creating a visual language that should be recognized by the viewer as part of their everyday experience and interaction with different media and popular culture but that will hopefully be elevated to another level by being presented in a Fine Art setting, gallery or similar space.
Relationship to Chicago:
In Chicago, I developed a language that I hoped would allow me to overcome the segregation and fragmentation that is so evident not only in the city but in the art community as well. Dealing with all of the social issues related to that, I always tried to make sure my work said something and made a statement as to who I was, in hopes to start a dialogue about those issues, whether they were social, cultural, spiritual, etc.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Puerto Rico
Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL; Puerto Rico.
Art Form:
Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Comic Book Art.Comic Book Art.