Mario Castillo

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Artist Statement:
At present I am in the process of working with any type of art, style, technique or medium I choose to work with. This has to do with recapitulating, reclaiming, and revisiting work from my own personal artistic past, plus experimenting with new media especially Digital Art. I am doing this to guide myself by the manifesto I wrote in 2001, in which I liberated myself from mainstream and academic constraints that stipulate that I must produce a certain type of work based on a predetermined rationale. In doing this I know it will take me to new levels of awareness and develop my work to unforeseen new heights. My “signature” work with layering images over each other actually goes back to art I produced in 1961. The idea for the superimpositions came from Paleolithic art. Some of these paintings deal with, “Perceptualism”, a term I coined in 1993. This deals with altering the viewer’s perception. By focusing on the pupil of an eye or the middle of colorful concentric circles for ten seconds or more, your perception starts to change and the painting begins to act as a Rorschach ink blot and the viewer starts to see things that are not there. With longer focused observation, the work starts to turn into an apparent field of energy. Since this becomes an interactive piece, it is very dependent on the viewer. I might do a series with this style, or perhaps some Southwestern art or ?
Relationship to Chicago:
• Outside of Mexico, Chicago has been Mario Castillo’s hometown in the USA. • Lived in Pilsen (on & off) since around 1957 • Attended Jungman Elementary School in Pilsen • Worked as Commercial Artist for Illinois Moulding Co. • Participated in Chicago’s summer art fairs • Went to Tilden Tech H.S. then transferred to: • Lane Tech where Castillo graduated with H.S. Diploma • Designer for J. M. Pateros Studios Inc. • Won 1st place in Chicago’s Clean-Up Poster competition • Participated in Chicago’s summer art fairs • Worked for Liturgical Art Studio • IID at IIT summer scholarship • Crafts Instructor for Senior’s Center at United Christian Community Services • Graphic Designer for CPS Board of Education • Participated in Chicago’s summer art fairs • Art Instructor for Pilsen Settlement House • Shared a studio with Ray Patlan in Pilsen • Worked at Howell House • Scholarship to the Raymond Fund Lectures at the Art Institute of Chicago • Received full scholarship plus tuition to SAIC • BFA from SAIC • First Latino mural in 1968 for Chicago’s Halsted Urban Progress Center • First multicultural mural 1969 painted for Chicago’s Reach Out Program • Member of MARCH • Latino Artists: Museum of Science and Industry 1st place in Painting (1974) • Latino Artists: Museum of Science and Industry 1st place in Drawing (1975) • Lecturer at Centro de La Causa on “Latino Art’ • Curator of Latino Graphics 1976 at University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana • Participated in Designing murals for Benito Juarez High School in Pilsen • Eighteen St. Development Corporation 1994 1st Place in Architectural Design • Lecturer at Triton College “The Ancient Americans”
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Mexico, Texas, Illinois, California.
Art Form:
Ceramics, Collage, Drawing, Fiber art, Illustration, Installation, Mixed Media, Multi-Media, New/Digital Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Social practice, Urban Art, Video Art, Body Art, Instant Art, Experimental Film, Music, Photograms, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Site Specific Work, Mail Art.Body Art, Instant Art, Experimental Film, Music, Photograms, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Site Specific Work, Mail Art.