Noelia Cruz

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Artist Statement:
My practice is driven by interdisciplinary explorations that I activate and consolidate creative writing, violin performance, experimental composition, sound art, painting, sculpture, dance, performance art and fashion design. Conceptual constants in my work are loss, impermanence, pain, the feminine conception and the convergence of irony and dichotomy where social discourses meet and contradict. I like to question subjacent dialectical, and social narratives. Aesthetically, I exercise a deliberate deconstruction that challenge the given, defined or accepted. I embrace gestural painting through gotcha paintball shots that I use as a brush stroke for my paintings, create ephemeral sculptures with bubbles and compose poetry-music graphic scores. The body is a constant subject in my work, body as territory, as archive and moving sculpture. The paradoxes of how the body is mediated through social fictions shape my artist statement.
Relationship to Chicago:
I moved to Chicago at the age of 16 on scholarship to study Violin Performance at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. Years later after having moved back to Puerto Rico to recover from a left forearm violin injury, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago awarded me a Distinguished Scholar Scholarship. Chicago shaped the narrative of my conceptual work, the context and site for the consolidation of mediums in my practice, and the place in which I processed grievance which became a main subject in my artwork.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Puerto Rico
Places Of Residency:
Puerto Rico, Chicago.
Art Form:
Fiber Art, Illustration, Installation, Mixed Media, Multi-Media, Painting, Sculpture, Video Art, Performance Art, Graphic Score, Composition, Violin Performance.