Jorge Felix

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Artist Statement:
Engagement is key in Jorge Felix's work. As an artist and performer, Felix challenges participants to engage in conversations either through the juxtaposition of ideas in a canvas or through the aroma of a food-making ‘sofrito’ performance. Felix is a painter and printmaker with a passion for community organizing. After years exhibiting his Body Constructions painting-installations the artist became active in the northwest Chicago community, its development and its politics. Turning the community into a canvas, Felix engages community leaders and neighbors to address issues of economic disadvantage, education, race relations, LGBTQ rights and violence. His creative process engages cross-cultural and arts integration educational exercises as tools in an attempt to bring resolution to conflicts or celebrate diversity. Felix continues to fuel canvases with subtle tensions that grab viewers into a love-hate reaction. Felix’s Sofrito social-performances engages participants in food-making and conversation in a more direct way addressing challenging topics of conversations in an almost family setting. Felix’s Sofrito connect us. Sofrito engages audiences through participation, aroma and dialogue. Participants chop, grind and engage in a dialogue with the artist leaving with a different sense of community and a little container of aromatic Sofrito.
Relationship to Chicago:
Corruption and neglect inspire Felix's artwork; in the same way as to neighborhood community markets, restaurants, thrift stores and cafés bring inspiration to Jorge Felix. The struggle of building community fuels Felix’s future memories where equality is a fact and not a fight. Chicago’s diversity makes the city the perfect canvas for Felix's work. The city’s ethnic neighborhoods educate the artist's intellect while its political and social turmoil feeds content to Felix’s social-performances.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL
Art Form:
Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Social Practice.