Ricardo Gonzalez

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Artist Statement:
The body of my work is focused on how Mexican-American identity intersects with belonging and displacement within the United States and Mexico. My art questions what constitutes authenticity to being a Chicano or Post-Chicano artist. With inspiration from Latino Supermarkets and street vendors, I find an attraction and incentive in the spirit of these cultural advertisers to reflect my concern while navigating Chicano do-it-yourself methods. Various topics are explored within my artwork including Chicano culture, identity, celebration, contradiction, criticism, stereotypes and popular iconography. A portion of the work I create explores the dialogue of where a stereotype manifests and where it is perpetuated. The imagery in my work mirrors the branding of a culture and my concerns for how Mexican-American's have very limited representation in popular media. My artwork is figurative, representational, with inspiration from Pop Art, Street Art, and Chicano Art. I don't focus on how to solve problems with the content of my artwork but I do embrace questioning and criticizing issues I find discomforting in my surroundings. The materials I use range from acrylic paint, paper, canvas, fabric, insulation foam, wood, pencil/graphite, tissue paper, cardboard, paper mache, glue, wheatpaste, and an occasional found object. I find it practical and applicable to use accessible materials that are simple to display or transport/install in varied surfaces or venues, making a better connection to the methods employed by the Chicano art I am referencing. The body of my work reflects my honor, humor, and criticism regarding my ethnicity.
Relationship to Chicago:
I have been working on curating and organizing art festivals and pop up art exhibition in the neighborhoods of La Villita/Little Village and Pilsen. I have worked on teaching art programs and murals with After School Matters, SKYART, Enlace, Chicago Artists Partnership Education, and various independent workshops. I have been active in teaching art and creating art events since 2006.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Calumet Park, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Blue Island, IL.
Art Form:
Collage, Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Social Practice, Urban Art.