Jimmy Longoria

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Artist Statement:
Yo Soy Chicano. Those words inspired me to investigate the viability of Latino descendants estranged from their homeland to continue the exuberant and vibrant manifestation of an aesthetic culture separate and apart from an Anglo-European line. As an artist, I have been faithful to the expectation that by the year 2030 Latino strands of culture will coalesce into an exciting fabric of the new world culture. I am a practitioner of 21st Century Chicano Art.
Relationship to Chicago:
I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and resided in Pilsen, the heart of Latino Chicago. While a volunteer at the social service agency Casa Aztlan, I secured the funding for the first mural at the newly opened Benito Juarez High School in Pilsen. My design was chosen in a competition between artists from Pilsen. I employed the most well known muralists of Pilsen in creating the groundbreaking, “A La Esperanza”, mural. 6 years later, as a result of my aesthetic pioneering choices, I was invited to exhibit in the initial exhibition of mural art at the National Museum of Mexican Art. At the suggestion of master artist Jose Luis Cuevas, my piece was sold - the first piece sold from the Museum. The aesthetic innovations established by “A La Esperanza” inspired young graffiti artists to develop a distinct Chicano style of “Chicago Graffiti.” I have been invited by educators and cultural leaders to return to Chicago to reinvigorate aesthetic investigation in the bustling Latino arts community.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Illinois, California, Texas, Minnesota.
Art Form:
Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Social Practice, Urban Art.