Johana Moscoso

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Artist Statement:
My practice is inspired by a cathartic act in which I explore co-narratives of South American and North American cultures. The journey of being a Latin woman and resident alien has both inspired and led me to study the process of my adaptation to my new environments. This study coincides with my research into the traditions of my home country, Colombia. My work is personal and is affected by my history and the mediums that I use. I view myself as a hybrid artist who incorporates a variety of mediums into installations that express my interest in gender roles and culture. Being from a Colombian family of female tailors has guided me in my application of fiber and textiles in my work. My experience as an educator has reinforced and informed the use of performance and video in my practice. My fiber work celebrates the places where my family has migrated, the languages related to these locations, and the memory that has passed from generations through embroidery. My embroidery works are abstract maps of my family's migrations. In these pieces each stitch traces the time, labor, and nostalgia of our journeys. The trace made between the first and the last stitch represent an intangible timeline. For me performance evokes intimate feelings that cannot be described in words but are better expressed through movement. Engaging these fragile human states is the pivotal endeavor in my performance work. My experience in my home country, where the male presence is strong and dominant, has driven me to question gender roles in the two cultures I belong to. In Hispanic countries, like Colombia, gender roles are clearly defined. In most Latin dances, the man takes the lead and the woman follows him; and like a dance, these gender roles are performative and acted out through movements. The incorporation of traditional activities such as dancing and sewing with physical installations has enabled me to create environments that empower the feminine presence and celebrate culture.
Relationship to Chicago:
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Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL
Art Form:
Fiber Art, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Video Art, Performance.