Elsa Muñoz

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Artist Statement:
With realism as a unifying ideal, the diverse subject matter addressed in my work is connected by a common regard for simplicity, intimacy and atmospheric tone. The human figure, still life arrangements and natural landscapes are all employed as symbolic devices that are used to explore timeless themes and concerns: self-exploration, the unknown, darkness and light, destruction and renewal.
Relationship to Chicago:
Being raised on the South Side of Chicago in an inner city neighborhood, my mom kept me indoors a lot. This was fortunate, as it allowed me ample time to get lost in my own imagination and in books. And it was through books and poetry that I began to realize there was a world beyond the invisible walls of our troubled neighborhood. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago gave me a desire to escape and a need to find beauty, and it's fair to say that this is ultimately why I became an artist.
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Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL
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