Alfonso Piloto Nieves Ruiz

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Artist Statement:
Art is the materialization of ideas and feelings that take shape according to how each individual perceives the world. As a self-taught artist, I am not constrained by institutional rules or limitations. My principal material is clay, which is a symbol of the earth, the source of everything –including us. I mix clay with garbage that I find and in this way I try to show the mental garbage and spiritual disconnect that we are exposed to every day. My art could be labeled dark, surreal, and decadent, but out of the decadent emerges the reconstruction and regeneration. Out of the surreal, the reality in which we live. And out of the darkness emerges the light, which is what we are.
Relationship to Chicago:
I came to Chicago in 1997, but started making art until 2001. By 2004, I started giving workshops and working with the community addressing social issues. In 2006, I became a full time artist and started working with different organizations around the city. As an independent artist I visit schools, community and art centers, parks, etc. Besides creating my personal work, I also create public work with the community and by myself. Currently, I co-created a piece with Hector Duarte along the Lake Michigan for the Field Museum and the city of Chicago.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Queretaro, Mexico; Chicago, IL; Evanston, IL.
Art Form:
Ceramics, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture, Social Practice, I work with Garbage.