Meela Paloma

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Artist Statement:
Meela Paloma is a Graphic Designer and Urban Artist. Her art practice is a critical reflection of her experiences and awareness of media representation. Through the projects she engages, she expresses her euphoria, insight, sexuality and understanding of her experiences and that of the spaces she inhabits. Meela’s art is bold, provocative, sexual, urban, unafraid and dramatic. She uses bold colors, esoteric symbolism, glitter and glamour to engage her audience. She combines light & dark elements to convey the dichotomy of her religious upbringing and inherent deviant energy. Meela creates art to express the conflicting emotional states she encounters. Art is her therapy, a window to her psyche and that of the spaces she interacts with. She uses mixed media, aerosol, and found objects that symbolize and inspire her interactions with life as an Artist, Mother, and Chingona.
Relationship to Chicago:
Born & raised in the Southwest side of Chicago, Brighton Park, McKinley Park, Bridgeport and now living in Pilsen with her son. Attended public and private schools here, Davis, Kanoon Magnet, Kennedy, Maria HS. Worked 7 years as Lifeguard Instructor for the Chicago Park District. Former ASM participant and Instructor.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL
Art Form:
Mixed Media, New/Digital Media, Painting, Urban Art.