Gamaliel Ramirez

  • self-portrait-acrylic-on-canvas-48x50-1979-
  • broken-by-a-broken-heart-2008-acrylic-on-canvas-24x12
  • 911_acrylic-on-canvas_45x45-2001
Artist Statement:
Like many Puerto Rican artists who were born and raised in the United States, European and North American influences were my first sources of inspiration. Searching for my past and the present, I began to explore the world of arts beyond the borders of my pervious influences. I started by exploring my own roots, which stems from three different continents, Africa, Europe and America. My exploration had led me through many paths that questioned and changed my beliefs and philosophy towards the arts. For the last 40 years, I have been working and committed to the studies of the local and national contemporary art movements. These movements, the Rican, Chicano, Black, Women’s and others, involve groups of master artists creating in all mediums and in multicultural and gender environments. Presently, I am a master painter using this universal medium as a voice that enables me artistically, aesthetically and with integrity to express myself through my specific cultural experiences, realities and feelings. My goals are to continue contributing and to validate this post-modern avant-garde art movement.
Relationship to Chicago:
I am a self-taught visual artist, muralist, photographer, and more recently, a poet, a Chi-Nuyorican who started to paint at the age of four with a paint by number kit in the Bronx of New York City, a cancer survivor, farther of two daughters and a proud grandfather of two grandchildren. My family moved to Chicago in 1955. In Chicago, my grammar school education was a nightmare, because I had an unknown case of dyslexia, eventually in 1966 I was forced out in my last months of the 8th grade. Since then, I have developed into a local / International Artist who has exhibited paintings in 21 major cities throughout the US, and internationally, I exhibited in, Edinburgh, Scotland and in Istanbul, Turkey. In the Arts and Education, I worked in Chicago as a teaching artist for more than 40 years, recruited and contracted by Urban Gateways to work as a teaching artist in six counties for the Chicago Board of Education, as well as Chicago parochial schools, I worked for them 26 years, delivering curriculum and workshops in, silk screen printing, mural making, and drawing and painting, I retired from the schools at the age of 61 and moved to the island to my mother’s dream. I am living and still working on my paintings, murals, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and in Chicago via, exhibitions, mural projects, drawing and painting workshop, and some illustration work and of course my family, I find myself traveling back and forth.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
Puerto Rico
Art Form:
Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Urban Art, Video Art, Mural, Poetry.Mural, Poetry.