Ricardo X. Serment

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Artist Statement:
My primary choice of medium as a visual artist is printmaking—specifically relief techniques on wood and linoleum blocks. I have chosen to specialize on relief printmaking in response to its strong cultural connection with Mexico. As such, it is not uncommon to find traces of my cultural heritage in my work. In fact, I explore the use of narratives to reveal dynamic issues confronting individuals with bi-cultural identities such as myself. My goal as an artist is to provide viewers a fragment of the diversity within Latino culture, as a lens to analyze universal struggles encountered in contemporary society. Thus, my work is rooted in narratives that may be connected to folklore, myths, traditions and current issues. In this way, my work forms visceral connections with viewers and simultaneously serves as an introduction to diverse cultural traditions and customs. For this reason, I rely on an illustrative style which is accessible and clear to any viewer. It is my hope that my work elicits nuanced responses from viewers—responses that fully embrace all aspects of Latino culture and also contain the joy and bliss I have personally experienced throughout my life.
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Chicago, IL
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