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     Three years into the new decade we are witnessing an unprecedented and significant growth in the field of Latino art in the United States. New national exhibitions, expansion of public and private collections, publications, research projects and digital archival initiatives combined with a desire for a larger national museum infrastructure are positing this current moment as one of an expanding American art. To what extent are these developments and activities contributing to a wider, more comprehensive, global American art? Can we clearly discern a Latinidad in American art in theoretical and methodological approaches? How is Latino art currently presented in mainstream and culturally-specific museums? With continuing demographic changes, how are emerging communities of Latino artists and art collectives shaping thecurrent moment? In established communities, how is their pre- 1960 production being re-assessed? What can be said about current trends and future directions? In other words, what is Latino Art Now?

     Since 2005 the Latino Art Now! Conference has become the leading national forum for artists, art historians, art professionals, educators, scholars, critics and art dealers. Its overarching conceptual aim is to explore U.S. Latino art and its relationship to contemporary American visual culture and art while advancing awareness, education, scholarship and knowledge in this emerging field of inquiry.

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