2016 Fellows and Mentors

The Mellon Fellows Program is a fellowship that seeks to foster, mentor, and professionalize a national cohort of Humanities doctoral students focusing on Latino Studies in order to maximize effective progress to complete the PhD and increase job-market readiness.

There is a growing Latino population in the United States, but as of yet only a small number of Latino studies scholars in the humanities, particularly members of underrepresented communities, that can 
contribute to understanding and reimagining this changing, charged and complex cultural terrain. In addition, students concentrating on Latino studies subjects often do not find mentors within the disciplines who know their subject matter, leaving them personally and intellectually isolated in their disciplines. Recent research shows that 1) financial support and relief from teaching duties improves dissertation completion outcomes and 2) students do best when they feel that they are part of an intellectual community. Through the Mellon Fellows Program we hope to strengthen the field of Latino Studies by building a network of successful early career academics. 



Applications now closed. 


Dr. Jennifer Boles
Postdoctoral Fellow and Mellon Program Coordinator

Office Location
412 S. Peoria Street
Room 324B (MC347)
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 996-8587