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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute (CUNY DSI) Archives and Library Research Awards

by Jennifer Boles | Feb 10, 2017

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute (CUNY DSI) Archives and Library Research Awards are available to conduct research using the unique resources of our archives and library collections. The CUNY DSI will offer ten research grants of $3,000 each to help grantees defray costs while conducting research in the Dominican Archives and Library.

Awardees are expected to visit the CUNY DSI Archives and Library for at least two consecutive weeks, and following their stay, submit a brief (3-5 pp.) report on their overall experience in the Dominican Archives and Library and on how our collections specifically enriched their research project. In addition, we expect awardees to make concrete suggestions on one of the following areas: how to expand the Archives’ and Library's holdings, financial security, visibility and recognition, programs and activities, and personnel.

Researchers may use the Archives and Library any time from June 5th, 2017 through December 15th, 2017, with the exception of the month of August.

Any publications and academic presentations resulting from research undertaken through the grant should clearly acknowledge CUNY DSI’s overall support.

The CUNY DSI Review Committee will award the grants based on (a) the relevance of the proposal to the unique holdings of the CUNY DSI Archives and Library, (b) the novelty and scholarly significance of the project, and (c) the applicant's qualifications to pursue the research proposed. Applicants can hail from any part of the world, provided they have proper documentation to reside in the U.S. for a month, hold permanent residency status in the U.S., or are U.S. citizens.

Student Applicants: Preference will be given to Ph.D. students who are thinking of writing their dissertation in Dominican Studies and want to explore original research and/or original approaches.