Call for Abstracts: Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project Conference

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Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage

25th Anniversary Conference

Writing/Righting History

Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project Conference
Call for Abstracts
February 9-11, 2017
In 1991 a group of scholars came together with the purpose of filling the gap which exists in American literature and history: the
Hispanic contribution. Twenty-five years later and thousands of books, newspapers, historical documents and archives recovered, and
disseminated, the project continues in its endeavor of writing/righting history by promoting the inclusion of Latina/o history, religion,
women, civil rights, folklore, etc. into American and Hispanic culture of the world.
The XIV Recovery conference will convene in Houston to continue the legacy of scholars meeting to discuss and present their research
of US Latinas/os. The conference theme invites scholars—including archivists, librarians, linguists, historians, critics, theorists--to share
examples of the cultural legacy they are recovering, preserving and making available in order to write/right American culture and the
culture of the Hispanic world whose peoples immigrated to orwere exiled in the United States over the past centuries.
The end date for Recovery research and themes will now be 1980 in order to give scholars, archivists, linguists and librarians the
stimulus needed to begin recovering the documentary legacy of the 1960s and 1970s, which is fast disappearing. Although we will not
accept abstracts or papers on literature and historiography of the 1960s and 1970s; the date for these remains at 1960, papers on
locating, preserving and making accessible the documents generated by Latinos in those two decades will be welcome.
As always, studies on the following themes, as manifested before 1960, will be welcome:
I Analytical studies of recovered authors and/or texts
I Critical, historical and theoretical app roaches to recovered texts

I Curriculum development
I Religious thought and practice
I Folklore/oral histories
I Historiography
I Language and linguistics
I Library and information science
I Social implicatio ns, cultural analyses
I Collections and archives

I Digital humanities projects
Submit your 100-word abstract and vita to by August 1st, 2016
For details, contact Dr. Carolina A. Villarroel, Director of Research
University of Houston, Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage
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