This group will answer the following questions: What is the political and social potential of formerly undocumented youth in Latin American and the undocumented/DACA youth in the United Staes who organize jointly and transnationally? How might their separate struggles become strangthened if the youth created a transnational agenda that linked their respective goals and networks? 

They will coordinate and study a new transnational initiative "De Aquí y de Allá," an encounter of 30 immigrant youth leaders (15 from US—mostly from Illinois and California—and 15 from Mexico). This encounter will take place in Mexico City in July 2015 to create a transnational youth agenda, develop a regional network, and launch a multilayer organizing process.

Affiliated Institutions: University of Illinois at Chicago; University of California, Los Angeles

Working Group Coordinator:

  • Amalia Pallares, University of Illinois at Chicago, Director of Latin American & Latino Studies